Before using materials

  • Before using the sound source of this site, please be sure to read.
  • At the time of downloading the material (MP3 format), we assume that you have agreed to the terms of Licenses.
  • For terms and conditions of this site, please see terms of service.


  • When using the sound source published on this site, we will not charge a royalty fee and other usage fee.
  • Display of copyright and offer is unnecessary.
  • The sound source’s right is retained by Befriend Music, and it is open to the public under its responsibility.


  • As long as it complies with the license of this site and the conditions established by the composer, it can be used as a material for every creation regardless of profit (commercial) · non-profit · individual · corporation.
  • You can perform sound source processing (editing, sampling, effects etc).
  • The sound source can be used based on this license even after the end of publication on our site.

Example of use

  • YouTube, Nico Nico video and another online video/ content distribution (However, if distributing the sound source of this site mainly, it corresponds to secondary distribution.)
  • Theater
  • Video Competition
  • School Challenges
  • Smartphone application
  • Video/radio Another live content store, wedding ceremony, other background music of the event

Prohibited matter

  • To use sound sources with productions / contents that are against public order and morals
  • Using sound sources in productions / contents on politics, religion and other ideologies
  • Regardless of whether it is processed or not, use it as original music work
  • Secondary distribution of the sound source published on this site
  • To insist on various rights of the sound source of this site without justifiable grounds or assert infringement


  • Regarding the use of the sound source, we can not respond to inquiries. Please judge by your own risk.


  • Even if trouble arises by using this site, this site and the composer do not assume any responsibility.
  • The sound source etc. of this site are subject to change / deletion without notice.
  • This license may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ first, if you can not solve it please contact us.