Terms of service

Before using this site

  • Be sure to read the terms of use before using this site.
  • At the time of downloading the material (MP3 format), we assume that you have agreed to the terms of use.
  • Please see the License for terms on sound source usage.

Basic principle

  • The sound source of this site can be used for free regardless of “use, profit, non-profit”.
  • The sound source of this site can be used regardless of individuals or corporations.
  • There is no need to report in using the sound source.
  • We are extremely happy to introduce our site with links.
  • The display of copyright and offer at the time of use is unnecessary, but the right of the sound source is held by the composer of the sound source.

Prohibited matter

  • Adult works, works contrary to public order and morality, acts to be used for illegal acts
  • Secondary disclosure and distribution of the sound source of this site (It is also possible to redistribute it for a fee)
  • Playing music directly from this site when using it at stores / events
  • Act to collect sound sources etc. of this site automatically using the program
  • Incorporating Content ID on YouTube when incorporating it into a song
  • Actions that put a significant burden on the server / network of this site


  • Regarding the use of the sound source, we can not respond to inquiries. Please judge by your own risk.


  • Even if trouble arises by using this site, this site and the composer do not assume any responsibility.
  • The sound source etc. of this site are subject to change / deletion without notice.
  • This Terms of Service may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ first, if you can not solve it please contact us.