Question Answer
Can I convert the file format?It's okay. You can convert the file format to any format such as WAV or OGG. All effect sounds published on this site are MP3 format, so please convert using software and use it.
I want a WAV file.The MP3 file distributed on this site is set to a level that almost no difference is found even if it compares with the original WAV file. Still if you want to use the WAV file, we will provide you with 5 USD (including tax) per piece, so please contact us from the inquiry form.
I want to make mutual links between sites.I'm sorry. We do not accept mutual link now.
Are you thinking about paying sound sources distributed on this site?It is unlikely that you will charge for the sound source distributed on this site. Even if you charge it, you can use it for free for a period of time downloaded before you charge.
Is there a license due date for the material?You can use it forever for free.
I want to know the operation system of the site.As the current situation, we are producing only by members of Befriend Music who is the operation source.
Is the request accepted?We are sorry but we do not accept it.
Is it possible to download materials all at once?I am sorry but we do not correspond.